In the News: Cyclist Killed by Truck

••• “Yan Jindee, of Two Bridges, was riding her bike at about 5:45 p.m. on Broadway, when the driver of a box truck hit her at the intersection with Walker Street. He was making a right turn onto Broadway, police said. Jindee, 48, was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.” Thanks to Charles for the above photo, and P. for the one on the home page. —AM New York

••• “A major style blunder led to a day of terror at Pace University Thursday—when a student tried to look cool by wearing a belt made out machine gun bullets and witnesses called 911 to report an active shooter. […] The calls prompted a massive response by the NYPD’s counter-terrorism unit, which evacuated the building as they confronted the bullet-belt clad student.” —New York Post

••• “In a sudden reversal, the de Blasio administration on Thursday embraced scrapping a much-ridiculed anti-dancing law that prohibits boogying in city bars and restaurants without a license.” Why not just make the licenses easier to get, and keep some controls? Otherwise you could easily end up with nightclubs in residential areas. —New York Post

••• “A disgruntled ex-employee of the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park stole $3,000 from the fish-themed carousel with his brother—but the siblings failed in their ferry getaway attempt to Staten Island, cops said Thursday.” —New York Post

••• More on the new condo building going up at 125 Greenwich. —New York Times

••• Work on Pier 26 is “scheduled to begin next year.” —New York Times



  1. “Why not just make the licenses easier to get, and keep some controls? Otherwise you could easily end up with nightclubs in residential areas.”

    Indeed. Like we already have with M1-5.

  2. so sad about the cyclist. my wife stopped me from riding my bike on the streets. i’m now limited to the bike path on the esplanade. at first i objected but there are so many horror stories, that i have come to the conclusion that she is right.

    • I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be cycling on the esplanade. They are toddlers running, pedestrians and especially the elderly walking, it’s very dangerous. Btw at the site of last years cyclist death on west/chambers we witnessed a horrific crash today. a cyclist going full speed on the bike path thru the pedestrian crossovers on chambers crashed right into a very young girl at the same site of last years death. The young girl flipped over landed a somersault in the air landing on back of her head. I screamed! I thought she was dead. She eventually got up clutching her arm. My legs were shaking….

      • The OP said “bike path on the esplanade”. Clearly she didn’t mean the walkway. But, that said, I agree that the bikers on the bike path need to be issued a ticket or two. The crossing at Houston St. is particularly bad. There is a lot of vehicle traffic entering/leaving Pier 40 but most bikers pay no attention to the bike lane traffic signals. They need to be reminded that bikers are subject to all the same laws as motor vehicles.

        • yes, the bike path is what i meant. and while we’re at it, why do some people insist on walking or running on the bike bath? i’ve seen people pushing strollers there! how can they not realize that they are supposed to be on the esplanade with the other pedestrians?

  3. I love to ride my bike, too, but I also only ride it on the bike path. You can say what you want but it just isn’t safe. Too many people are getting plowed into by cara and trucks. Very sad. My thoughts go to her family.

  4. The false alarm at Pace was super stressful and scary for parents of students attending the public school across the street as it occurred right around dismissal. Spruce Street school was in hard lockdown. It was hard to get any info, it wasn’t til around 3pm when 1st Precinct tweeted that it was a false alarm. School officials sent out notifications an hour later.

  5. The danger is also from people riding bikes on sidewalks. And, goes without saying, the delivery people on the motorized bikes are a terror. After my small child was hit by a sidewalk bike rider, I have started pushing these people off their bikes when they come near me on the sidewalk. I encourage others todo the same. This seems to be the only effective method to force them off the sidewalk. Police do not ticket for this dangerous activity.

    • Please do not push people off of their bikes!

      • If someone is violating the rules, you should report them to the police. Pushing someone off a moving bike could end in death, and you would be charged with manslaughter, at a minimum (or murder). You need a new strategy, and the police should ticket anyone breaking the law (eg, bikes on sidewalks or not obeying streets signs, electric bikes where they shouldn’t be, and people pushing people off bikes). Yelling or cursing as the other reader noted may scare – rational -people into doing the right thing next time.

    • i actually had a delivery guy run into my 12lb dog with his bike while i was crossing at chambers in the crosswalk. this is while i had the light, ps234 was letting out and he was going the wrong way on chambers. by some miracle my dog was okay. and no, i didn’t push him but i did curse like a sailor!