Seen & Heard: Pho King Mess

••• The gate was up at Pho King yesterday, with a crowd of what I assume were inspectors outside.

••• I went to the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee on Wednesday night, hoping to get more info on Buddha Bar and the restaurant at 11 Sixth Avenue, but it wasn’t especially fruitful. What I did learn: The outpost of the Williamsburg restaurant The Bedford that was going to open at 5 Hanover Square isn’t happening; the fast-casual Chinese restaurant at 200 Water will be called Tomorrow and it’ll serve “Chinese home cooking”; and last but not least, Community Board 1 had opposed Pret a Manger’s plan to put a sidewalk café on Chambers, just east of W. Broadway, especially when it was discovered that the fence surrounding it would be covered in advertising. In the past, the city council has been loathe to refuse these applications, for fear of being sued, but councilmember Margaret Chin actually showed up to the hearing and testified against the café, and the city voted the plan down.

••• The TV show “Instinct” is shooting in the Church/Duane area today.

••• And “U.A.P.P.” is in the Beekman/Park Row area today. OLV says it stands for “Untitled After Party Project,” which the city lists under TV shows rather than films.

••• Opening today at hpgrp Gallery: Beyond Cassini, “an original new art work by WOW, a visual design studio based in Tokyo and London in collaboration with Director, Tyler Bowers and Artist, Director Gabriel Pulecio. It’s been said, just before a person dies their life’s biggest moments flash before their eyes. Beyond Cassini uses this narrative to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the most successful and beloved Satellites in space exploration history. As Cassini begins its final flight into Saturn’s upper atmosphere with a mission of disintegration, visuals flash back through time giving viewers highlights of this dying satellite’s life. Fleeting moments and flashbacks allow viewers to celebrate 20 years of Cassini’s achievements in a very personal, non-linear, stylized exhibition.”

••• The phone store opening at 185 Church is a MetroPCS. So where’s the AT&T store going that was mentioned in this listing? Maybe the former Birdbath Bakery across the street, since that’s also an RKF listing?



  1. That headline assumes new resonance once you’re in on the elusive truth that “Pho” is actually pronounced “phuh”…