In the News: Taco Bell Expansion

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of the 1822 building at 58 Lispenard.

••• “The driver of a box truck killed 48-year-old cyclist Yan Jindee in Tribeca Thursday evening. Though available information suggests Jindee was the victim of a right hook and the driver violated her right of way, police filed no charges. […] Jindee was one of four cyclists killed or severely injured by New York City drivers in five days.” —Streetsblog

••• More turnover at the Battery Park City Authority: “Shari Hyman, president and chief operating officer of the Battery Park City Authority, is leaving her post at month’s end to oversee Westfield’s sprawling retail operations at the World Trade Center and Fulton Transit Center.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Every month, the New York Times runs an article about high-end amenities at new condos, acting as if it was news. The latest installment features 50 West: “Starting this fall, when the building, among the tallest in New York, is completed, it will kick off a series of evening stargazing parties, with the hope, planners say, of spotting Saturn or Jupiter. […] These events, which are expected to take place once every three months, will be hosted by Marcelo Cabrera, the former president of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, who will offer the use of two high-tech telescopes, a Celestron reflector and Tele Vue refractor.” For what it’s worth, 50 West is the 26th tallest building in the city, according to Wikipedia.

••• “The woman accused of splashing a blue powdery substance on Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull statue was arrested Friday. [She] did it for climate-change awareness.” —New York Post

••• “Ana Jakimovska, who co-owns and runs [Kaffe 1668] in Tribeca, […] officially launched WildKale, to make the simple idea actually workable. It’s an online farmers market: Farmers display their wares and what quantities are available online, and customers can search by zip code to find ones within the right range to ensure overnight delivery to their home.” —Fast Company

••• “Taco Bell is planning to open at least 50 more locations in the five boroughs by 2022—including five that will open by early next year.” None of those five are in this area, but those of you upset when the one on Chambers Street can light a candle or something. —Eater