Excellent Dumpling House Has Moved to Chelsea

“Not a favorite of mine but a local institution just the same,” emailed Ron about Excellent Dumpling House on Lafayette. “The whole corner looks closed down.”

According to Greg T. on Yelp, the restaurant has relocated to Chelsea: “There is a location on W. 23rd St. and I asked the owner if they were affiliated and what happened. They weren’t able to keep up with the rent on the Chinatown location so they had to close. […] Try the place on 23rd, it’s missing a few items from the menu but everything is delicious!”

Back to Ron’s other point, about the corner. Indeed, every shop in 246-250 Canal (a.k.a. 111-115 Lafayette) is closed. Any single-story building in this area should be considered likely for redevelopment, and that goes double triple quadruple quintuple for one with no retail tenants. There’s nothing on the Department of Buildings website yet about demolition, but I’d wager there soon will be.



  1. I’ve eaten at Excellent Dumpling way too many times to count. The food is, well, excellent.

    And on what planet is Chelsea cheaper than Chinatown? sigh…

  2. One of my “go to” spots when I was in the mood for soup dumplings and just crazy cheap Chinese food…I dont think these guys raised prices since the 1980’s!!

    Sad to see them go personally.

  3. Glad to report that the move has not affected quality. I just had Their Peking Duck delivered. Pricey, but as good or better than any roasted duck I’ve had before. And the catch: no pancakes, but buns that can be effortlessly stuffed and folded the meat and a sweat bean paste. They deserve a second Michelin , just for the quality of the food they deliver!