Seen & Heard: New Ice Cream Shop

••• Two ways to help people affected by this season’s hurricanes: The P.S. 150 fourth-graders are holding a bake sale on Monday, Sept. 25, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (334 Greenwich, at Jay); proceeds go toward classrooms affected by recent hurricanes, via Donors Choose. And there are drop-off boxes in the lobby of 376 Broadway, where the super is collecting donations for Puerto Rico.

••• I’m getting a good feeling about 1 Beekman, although I don’t know about having windows that look right into the Beekman Hotel.

••• The Department of Buildings paperwork at 38 Park Row says it’s being turned into an ice cream shop. Anyone know whether that means gelato, one of the new Asian styles, or something else?

••• The Department of Transportation’s shipping container kiosk is on Frankfort Street, but it has yet to open.

••• The Salty Paw pet-supply store on Peck Slip has changed hands and names. It’s now Seaport Paw.

•••Rtisan Coffee Project, which used to be on Front Street in the Seaport District is now partnering with Bin 220, the wine bar on Front Street in the non-Seaport District part of the Seaport. So now Bin 220 is open during the day, with coffee and other food.

••• Scotch & Soda has opened on Fulton Street in the Seaport District.



  1. Is there a person I can reach out to for the donations on 376 Broadway for Puerto Rico? Thanks!

  2. I’m super excited to see how 1 Beekman turns out, especially since what was there before was so god awful. It must be pretty complex to build because its not moving fast.

  3. I live in 376 Broadway. The super’s name is Tito. He is looking for non perishable food, clothes, batteries, baby food, diapers, and toiletries, etc.