Seen & Heard: Citi’s Plaza Opens Next Week

••• From Rag & Bone: “Come celebrate the one-year anniversary of our men’s store in Tribeca with whiskey, beer, and 25% off your purchase from 6 to 8 p.m. this Friday.”

••• Yesterday, after I snapped this photo of Citigroup’s plaza, which is coming along nicely, I received an invitation to the “grand dedication”—and opening, one presumes—on Tuesday, October 3.

••• The plaza on the south side of the World Trade Center Oculus doesn’t look a lot closer to opening.

••• But maybe it’s a good sign that the sidewalk shed that darkened Cortlandt Way—as the pedestrian passage between 3 and 4 World Trade Center is called—has been removed.

••• And that certainly benefits the new Blue Bottle at 4 World Trade Center, facing the 9/11 Memorial, which I finally visited. Pretty space.



  1. Citigroup’s plaza opened this morning. They had a huge crew working all weekend to get it ready, and it’s only a matter of time until they move the Citibike stand back towards North Moore, and cut down all the trees along Greenwich between Beach & Hubert…

    And if you thought the endless noise there was finally over, think again. As of this morning, most of the lanes along Greenwich Street just above North Moore were closed, and you guessed it, jackhammers are busy tearing up the street.

    • Robert, I read somewhere that the trees on Greenwich will remain because they were part of the “Greening of Greenwich” and are on city property, not under the control of Citigroup. I would hate to see them go.