Seen & Heard: NYPD Keeps Parking in the Bike Lane

••• From Deanne Yee: “Sadia Matin, a local Tribeca resident, and I are hosting a fundraiser this coming Thursday, October 5. We would love to put the word out to see if anyone in the community might be interested in attending or donating. We are working with grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico to deliver supplies and aid where it is most needed. The event will be at Calligaris Soho, 55 Thompson, from 6-8 pm and will feature an open bar and silent auction. To purchase tickets visit here.”

••• “NYPD 1st Precinct has taken the entire length of the Varick bike lane between Beach and N. Moore for employee parking outside the precinct station,” reports S.

••• October 4 at New York Law School: “A thrilling magic performance by David Kwong, one of America’s most captivating magicians followed by a talk-back session on copyright law and magic.” The cost is $25. Below: video of Kwong.

••• Shooting Tuesday in the Church/Franklin area: a new HBO show called “Succession.”

••• Shooting Wednesday in the same area: the TV show “Bull.”

••• Love these adorable parent-and-child chairs by Pierre Yoyanovich at R & Company.



  1. Yes, the jackhammers right now are upsetting, given that the construction has been going on 7 days a week, starting at 7 a.m. Give us a break!

    The big question is what will happen to the parking spots on the north side of N. Moore between Greenwich and West. There were sidewalk sheds blocking all of the spots, but they’ve been removed. I wonder if those spots will be restored. Parking around here has gotten so ridiculous that people put their cars in front of fire hydrants (and don’t get ticketed!).

  2. What is the deal with NYPD blocking the bike lane? They’re supposed to make the city safer, not more dangerous.