Chin vs. Marte: Round 2

Can’t say this is a huge surprise: After narrowly losing to Margaret Chin in the Democratic primary, Christopher Marte will run against her on the Independence Party line in the general election on November 7. The announcement:

Christopher Marte has officially announced that he will be challenging incumbent Councilmember Margaret Chin in the November general election. Marte came within 200 votes of the Councilmember in the primary, and will continue to expand his District-wide base.

“We can’t give up the fight for the future of our District,” Marte said, “Our community still has reason to hope for change.” All of the issues that spurred Marte to run in the primary are still pressing.

The election results demonstrated that Marte has firm support from each neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. “54% of the community expressed their desire for change, and I see it as my obligation to that majority to continue to the general,” Marte stated. The campaign’s vision for community-based zoning, participatory budgeting, and a more engaged and transparent City Councilperson resonated with both long-term and new residents.

Momentum has been building since the night of the election, when the race was the only one in the City that was too close to be called. Marte and his team plan to run a full force campaign to ensure victory on November 7.

UPDATE: As James pointed out in the comments, Chin and Marte will be joined on the ballot by Bryan Jung (Republican) and Aaron Foldenauer (Liberal). Foldenauer received 734 votes in the Democratic primary; Chin received 5,363 and Marte 5,141.



  1. Are any of the spoilers from the primary (Foldenaur, Imperiale) turning up again on some obscure lines or are they out for good?

    • According to, others on the general election ballot include “Bryan Jung, Republican” and “Aaron Foldenauer, Liberal”

    • I just googled and found out that Aaron Foldenauer is running on the Liberal Party ticket. So to answer your question, yes. Bryan Jung is Republican candidate.

      Wonder how many people will actually vote in this election …

    • Thanks James and KP for this info.

      Foldenaur got 6% last time. In a close election, he could spoil Marte’s win yet again. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. He needs to take a good look in the mirror and ask himself why he is running.

  2. Doesn’t matter who runs if no one goes out to vote.

  3. Foldenauer was a republican until recently then switched parties for the Democratic Primary now a liberal = a spoiler. Chin is not being as forceful on her messaging vs others but that is typical of her style…It seems marketing wise these days – being an Independent appears as a better line than liberal, even in NYC.

  4. Marte got 24 votes on the Independent line which allows him a second shot.
    However, it was low turn out that made it close. And I think if people look at the two records (Marte vs Chin) what has he done?
    Chin saved PS 150 from being shut down two years ago, and got
    two other new schools built. Plus got us two badly needed traffic
    lights on Greenwich St that saved lives. Marte has never set foot
    in our neighborhood until July of this year. I could go on but only Chin has a record of accomplishments.