A New Jazz Club

Back in February, George Aprile, owner of 75 Murray (a.k.a. Bogardus Mansion) went before Community Board 1 for a liquor license for Club 75 Piano Bar, a jazz club in the room formerly occupied by Caviarteria and, more relevantly, Silver Lining. Subsequently, Acappella intimated that it was moving there, but that appears to have fallen through—or perhaps been delayed—because Wilbur’s Warehouse has opened in the space.

Wilbur’s Warehouse is run by the Wilbur Ware Institute, “dedicated to preserving the history of jazz as seen and experienced by the innovators and master musicians who created, perform, and perpetuate the art form.” The organization’s Facebook page says that the concerts will go run through New Year’s Eve; I’ve reached out to find out whether they’ll extend into 2018 (and whether food and drink are available). While the Facebook page also says the shows are only on weekends, the flyer in the window (below) tells another story. The cover charge, if you can’t read it below, is $25.

UPDATE: Drinks and a few snacks are available at the bar. As for 2018, the response was, “If we’re successful with events in November (Louis Hayes Quartet) and fundraiser as well as December (Reggie Workman Quartet) and Houston Person Quartet (New Year’s Eve weekend), we would like to continue. We are seeking at least one school to partner with us to mentor students and expose them to jazz history.”



  1. This is great!…TriBeCa is becoming quite the jazz destination!
    Roxy Hotel Lobby, The Django, B flat, 1803 (has jazz begun there yet? I haven’t checked it out yet), now this place.

    I hope jazz lovers, and those new to the pleasures of the art form, will support these places and keep them going for many years to come.

    (At this place, I do hope there will be nights with lower cover charge, or maybe the cover charge is waived or reduced if one buys a certain amount of drinks&food)

  2. Great place. World class music, the likes of Eric Alexander, Jimmy Cobb, etc for 25 bucks. My prediction is, go there before they close because it is too good to be true for NYC in 2017.
    Of course nobody will ever know about this place in time because if you google “75 Murray st nyc jazz” you get, Kitano, Django, Blue note and a few other listings of “CLOSED” places. Depressing.

    You can go to the Moma for 25 to see world class art on its walls, to get it in your ears you usually have to pay a lot more these days so I say, go down to 75 Murray and enjoy yourself.

  3. Wonderful addition and nice to get some art back into the area.

  4. George has had this dream for years and I hope it
    happens! Jazz in that wonderful space would be such
    a great addition to our community.

  5. Experienced The 75 Club last night, what an excellent performance by legendary drummer Louis Hayes and his quartet.
    What a intimate venue to experience true jazz. A gem of a place in Tribeca. I hope this venue continues to produce these types of shows a remains a main stay for a long time to come.
    Astounding decor and ambiance to listen to live music.

    A big thanks to the Wilbur Ware Institute.

  6. I was visiting New York two weeks ago and had a terrific experience at The 75 Club. Great music by Louis Hayes and his first rate quartet. Beautiful venue, great bar, no bad seats. What a warm, inviting new club! I am telling everyone back in Chicago what they must experience when they go to NYC to hear jazz. Congratulations on creating such an inviting listening room!

  7. will there be jazz in 2018, and where might we locate that info?