Seen & Heard: Bogardus Plaza Scavenger Hunt

••• A lovely painting by Nick Savides titled “Tribeca Rooftops.”

••• From the Friends of Bogardus Plaza: “Join us for the Great Tribeca Scavenger Hunt, a friendly competition where teams race around Tribeca finding clues, completing missions and answering trivia for points and nearly $1,000 in prizes! All proceeds benefit Bogardus Plaza, a 100% donation and volunteer supported public plaza in Tribeca.” It’s the afternoon of Sunday, October 22. The rules and ticket info is here.

••• I have walked by the Compleat Sculptor on Vandam Street so many times, but I only recently went inside. (I’m not a sculptor, except in my dreams, so it never seemed appropriate.) It was awesome! One photo doesn’t do it justice. Go check it out for a taste of when Manhattan had a zillion interesting shops like that. Maybe I’ll take a class….

••• 272-274 Canal (at the southwest corner of Cortlandt Alley) is on the market, which we might have already known. The broker’s rendering shows what it’d look like all cleaned up.

••• I highly recommend the Modigliani show at the Jewish Museum—it’s a rare chance to see so many of his sketches, along with a few paintings and some fantastic busts.* If you go, please see if the curators fixed the caption that I tweeted them about. P.S. And I had a delightful lunch at Table d’Hote, a block or so away. *P.P.S. The Compleat Sculptor has classes in stone carving….



  1. So sorry to say that as of last Tuesday afternoon the captions had not be corrected.