Seen & Heard: The Far Right vs. Tribeca Grill

••• As you know, I keep a running search on Twitter on the word “Tribeca,” and it pains me to inform you that the creepy far right is so angry at Robert De Niro for being vocally anti-Trump that quite a few people (or Russian bots, because it feels like a coordinated attack) have been floating out the theory that Harvey Weinstein and De Niro run a brothel/sex ring/“place set up for assaulting women” out of the Tribeca Grill. Let’s hope that this doesn’t end with a nutjob firing an assault rifle there. (P.S. I’m now blocking everyone who seems unhinged. I can’t take the poison.)

••• This thing on Duane would seem to be the kind of thing we’re supposed to “say something” about, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe you’d like to. There’s an app.

••• Re: the below tweet. I think the other night’s show was off Governors Island, but they also often have fireworks near Liberty Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Pier 26. I would guess that they’re nearly all for private events—and I imagine they’ll only get worse once Pier 17 opens (with an event space on the roof). If you think the problem warrants it, the best advice I can give you is to contact Community Board 1, ideally with a list of dates they’ve bothered you. And—perhaps more important, get other people to do it, too. UPDATE: As you can see in the second tweet, I misunderstood the situation.

••• I peeked inside Monk McGinn’s on Murray this morning—it’s in demolition mode, so it’s not opening anytime soon.

••• I didn’t recall the bulkhead from the renderings of 24 Leonard. Perhaps it’ll blend in once it’s done.



  1. I’ve called 911 and 311 numerous times about a rather large rubber garbage can locked and chained to a pole outside the Chambers Street subway and was asked “do you know what’s in it?” Since the construction at the park has begun I’m assuming it’s looked at.

  2. It’s too bad that even a neighborhood news letter has become so partisan. I have tried to overlook it in the past but I’ve had it. Sports, late night comedy, even a newsletter – can we go anywhere where politics aren’t creeping in and taking over? It’s very sad and unfortunate.

    • This squarely qualifies as local news; I’d have been remiss not to cover the storm of tweets attacking the restaurant. If your objection is to my distaste for the viciousness and ridiculousness of the tweets, I’m not sure what to say. They were awful, and to not say as much feels like a slippery, dangerous slope.

  3. I’d heard Hillary was running her child sex ring with Jay-Z and Beyonce out of “We are Nuts about Nuts” on Church Street. But that might be “fake news.”

    Ugh. You’re right. Nothing’s funny anymore. Sorry I tried.