Seen & Heard: Five & Dime Is Serving Alcohol

••• Buried in yesterday’s post about the views from the Municipal Building: Did you notice that the top of the Woolworth Building has finally been unsheathed?

••• Five & Dime on Park Place has its liquor license and is serving alcohol. Now it just needs a sign….

••• From the Battery Park City Authority: “Please be advised that the National Football League Owners and NFL Players Association are meeting at the Conrad Hotel on Tuesday, October 17 and Wednesday, October 18, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. You will as a result see satellite trucks and other news vehicles parked along North End Avenue between Vesey and Murray Streets beginning today. We understand that the owners will reportedly be considering a rule change requiring the players to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Due to the sensitivity of this subject we will also expect a large media turnout over the course of these meetings and possible attendant protests outside the hotel. Our partners at the NYPD’s 1st Precinct will have a police detail onsite to address any issue that may arise.”

••• Opening Thursday at One Art Space: Brenda Perry-Herrera’s Solo Exhibition, The Felling. “In her recent most work, Perry-Herrera derives from a project that she was immersed in during 2010. During that time the artist undertook the role of a researcher to investigate the lumber sold in her local hardware store and tracked it to the timber-felling site outside of Houston, Texas. From her research originated the idea of perceiving contemporary events in retrospect. Here, the work provokes the inquiry of imagining a world where trees are only a memory. Perry-Herrera uses cyanotype, an obsolete photographic process that relies on the sun, to reproduce the various images that she collected from her timber-felling research. Adding to the preciousness of the trees, she preserves the cyanotype images in resin.”

••• Possible Productions will be back in the Hudson/Hubert area on Friday.


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  1. NFL meeting at Goldman’s hotel. Anything there?