In the News: New Canal Street Building Moves Forward

••• “This week, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will review plans designed by Morris Adjmi Architects for 419 Broadway [northwest corner of Canal], which is occupied by an existing structure that most definitely will not be missed.” The plans first ran here last month.YIMBY

••• Renderings and floor plans of 570 Broome, under construction in the hot new HoTun microneighborhood. —Curbed

••• “Shake Shack is debuting limited-time chili on its cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and fries. It’s a slow-braised beef chili with ancho and chile de arbol peppers, and the three options are available at all standalone Shacks starting Monday, October 30, on the app and in stores on Thursday, November 2.” —Eater

••• A report on Taste of the Seaport.—Tribeca Trib

••• “In six markets, Facebook has removed posts from Pages in the original News Feed and relegated them to another feed [….] That means Facebook’s main feed is no longer a free playing field for publishers. Instead, it’s a battlefield of ‘pay to play,’ where publishers have to pony up the dough to get back into the News Feed.” This may not be Tribeca-related, but it is Tribeca Citizen–related; if you use Facebook as your primary means of following this site, be aware that (a) you’re not currently seeing everything that I post on Facebook, and (b) as soon as I’m asked to pay, you won’t see it at all. Four better ways: Subscribe to the email newsletter; bookmark the site; make an icon for your phone; or try Twitter. —Mashable


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  1. 419 Broadway…The building can’t be worse than what is there now. I hope it leads to this cesspool of an intersection being cleaned up over time (i.e. all the counterfeit and junk sellers).