First Glimpse of the Unhistoric Townhouse

A. alerted me to the partial unveiling of 187 Franklin, the wavy new building that Jeremy Edmiston of System Architects refers to as the Unhistoric Townhouse. (That’s A.’s photo above.) The workers appeared to have pulled away some of the mesh in order to install one of the lacy metal balconies (fourth photo below). And I’ve included a rendering for those of you who—unlike me—haven’t been waiting on this building with bated breath.



  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been anxious for the unveiling too. Looks pretty stunning so far.

  2. Is it PTSD from our Yankees recent loss or is that a version of the “NY” logo woven into the fabric of the facade?!

  3. Not sure yet if this is going to be great architecture…but I’m intrigued and hoping for the best. Thanks for the first peek!

  4. Refreshing. Colors speak to the neighborhood. Reminds me of Guadi a little…

  5. How could this design have been passed by
    Front balconies??? That look like rusted cages.

    It’s dramatic alright .Dramatically offensive to
    The character of the neighborhood.

    • The LPC loved the design. From DNAinfo’s article on the hearing:

      The Landmarks Commission was impressed by architect Jeremy Edmiston’s playful references to the neighborhood’s older buildings, including detailed brickwork and deep, sculptural facades.

      “It works,” said Bob Tierney, chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. “It more than works—it actually enhances the richness of the district.”

      Commissioners called Edmiston’s design “exciting,” “creative,” “symphonic,” “very unusual” and “robust and inventive” before voting unanimously to approve it. They requested just one minor change: a darker-colored shell for the rooftop mechanical equipment.

      “We should celebrate this project,” Commissioner Frederick Bland said. “Everything is familiar and yet nothing is familiar…This is smart architecture as well as delirious architecture.”

  6. poor condo owners. look at those comically small windows, and it will probably cost a fortune to replace anything there.

    i would not live there, but i would not mind it as my neighbour.