Dahlia’s Has Changed Its Name Again

When I spotted the new brown awnings at Dahlia’s yesterday, I couldn’t believe my eyes: Had the restaurant really changed its name again? Four years ago, it went from MaryAnn’s to Dahlia’s. But now it’s Zona Tribeca, or maybe Zona Tribeca Mezcaleria. (The largest words on the awning are “Mexican” and “Restaurant.”)



  1. this place is infamous for having old menus online. The Harrison has not been offered for many years, but is still on the website menu. I once spoke to them about this. But the last time I check it had not been fixed. This was 2014. I wonder if they still will have the Harrison or not. Any ideas?

  2. This place still screams affordable food and beverage with old school feel. The staff is very nice ! Love the place and people ! First “Prescott’s “ back in the day then “Yaffas” And so on. It’s a great corner spot to hang out !

  3. By the way the “Harrison” is on menu

  4. It’s been downhill since Yaffa’s.

  5. It has been different since Yaffa’s. Apples and oranges.