In the News: Harvey Weinstein and Tribeca Grill

••• CNN rehashed many of the stories about Harvey Weinstein’s sleazy, rude behavior at Tribeca Grill, with one notable—and disturbing—new bit of information.

Weinstein would order alcoholic drinks, one for himself and one for his female guest. […] According to two former servers, the woman would “almost always” turn down his drink order and ask for a non-alcoholic beverage. But the former servers said they were instructed by management to “do whatever Mr. Weinstein says.” This means the female guest was served alcohol whether she ordered it or not.

The article includes this response from the restaurant:

“We support the hard-working people of the Tribeca Grill every day for the last 27 years. We would never allow any customer to be rude or harass any staff member. It would not be tolerated. We do not defend for a second the actions of Mr. Weinstein and it is inaccurate to try to portray us as part of his dysfunction.”

••• More thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including a purse stolen on Governors Island. Stay vigilant, folks.

••• “Built in 1831, the building at 66 Pearl St. nearly became a parking lot in 1974—saved with only days to go.” —Daytonian in Manhattan