New Kid on the Block: Poke Green

The third outpost of the nascent Poke Green chain has opened on Greenwich Street, in the space formerly occupied by Bitz Kids. It follows the Chipotle method, in that you choose a base, then proteins, mix-ins, toppings, etc. Unlike Chipotle, you start from the right side of the counter and shift left, and there’s a menu of “house poké” combinations if you can’t cope with the process. (As you can see above, I went full hippie and got brown rice and tofu; I highly recommend the pickled radishes and carrots, and I suggest studying the “flavor” descriptions before you sidle up.) The 30 or so stools at the tables are very low, so it’s not someplace you’ll want to linger. On the plus side, Poke Green has free tap water and, along with the regular version, packets of low-sodium and gluten-free soy sauce.

Poke Green expects to have its ice cream program up and running any day now. It’ll be of the roll-and-fold variety. The last photo in this post shows the ice cream menu.

Poke Green is at 275 Greenwich (between Warren and Murray), 212-233-0088,

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  1. Chipotle’s line starts on the right side of the counter as well, no? I haven’t been to Chipotle on Greenwich in a long time but I rememebr the line starting on right side (facing the counter) and moving left towards the cashier. Same at Poke Green. Anyway, we just tried Poke Green last night and the portions are small compared to other poke places. They load up on rice but hardly any of the main ingredients. I noticed that they did not fill up the scooper when dishing out the “proteins”. Also it was very empty during what should have been their busy dinner time. I was the only customer. It took me a long time to get my food as the server insisted that he makes one poke bowl at a time vs laying out three bowls at once and working on all of them simultaneously like at other poke places I’ve visited. But in fairness, he was the only one making my order instead of a few servers set up in an assembly line each manning one of the “steps” like at Chipotle.

    • I had the Broadway/Reade location of Chipotle in mind; never been inside the Greenwich one. And I woulnd’t assume that dinner will be a busy time for the restaurant—I don’t think any of the “fast-casual” places do especially well at dinner. They’re all about lunch.