In the News: Apple’s Showroom on Duane

••• “Apple recently invited a number of YouTube channels to try out the highly-anticipated [iPhone X] at a nondescript building in New York City.” Nondescript! That’s 144 Duane, which Apple has used before for product showcases, and which is a heck of a lot more descript that a glass cube. The video above shows the interior. “Basically looks like what you’d expect would happen if Apple decorated a Tribeca apt, complete with glass staircase,” says A., who sent this over. —MacRumors

••• “The two-level Duane Reade at 250 Broadway has been a notorious victim of thefts, with routine pilferage of large quantities of diet pills, cold medicines, perfumes, makeup and more. But at a recent meeting of the 1st Precinct’s Community Council—a monthly gathering that routinely draws complaints from residents about safety and quality-of-life concerns—Joe Losos, district manager for the 13 Duane Reades below Canal Street, and Arssath Uthumalebbe, manager of the store, stood up to offer praise for the precinct’s help.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Peck Slip School’s rooftop playground may double as an alfresco microwave, claim worried parents, after discovering the roof of a nearby building is home to several radiation-spewing cellphone antennae.” I hear Montclair is nice. —Downtown Express

••• A Q&A with Denise Williamson of the 180 store on Duane. —New York Times

••• Eater says it looks like Graffiti, the East Village sister restaurant to Graffiti Earth, has closed. UPDATE: Joanna says that Graffiti is still open.

••• A Korean restaurant is opening “at 254 Front Street, directly opposite the Cowgirl Seahorse.” Tough location, but let’s wish it the best. —FiDi Fan Page


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  1. Graffiti is still open!