More Updates on the Bike Path Attack

••• “A 32-year-old New Jersey man [Darren Drake, of New Milford] was among the eight people killed when a truck sped through a Manhattan bike lane for more than a dozen blocks in an apparent ISIS-inspired attack. […] Drake was one of two Americans killed in the attack; the identity of the second has not been released.” —NBC News 4

••• “Three of the injured had been released from hospitals and nine people remained hospitalized, four of them critically injured but in stable condition, said Daniel A. Nigro, the commissioner of the city Fire Department. He said the injuries ranged from a bilateral amputation to serious head, neck and back trauma.” —New York Times

••• “The driver […] had been planning the attack for weeks and appeared to have connections to people who were the subjects of terrorism investigations, police officials said on Wednesday. […] And near the truck was a handwritten note with a few lines of Arabic indicating allegiance to the Islamic State, law enforcement officials said. ‘The gist of the note was that the Islamic State would endure forever,’ John J. Miller, the New York Police Department’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, said at a news conference on Wednesday morning. That language appeared to echo instructions spread by ISIS in an edition last November of Rumiyah, a magazine it uses, calling on followers to carry out a truck attack and to leave behind a note pledging allegiance to the terrorist group. ‘He appears to have followed almost to a T the instructions that ISIS has put out,’ Mr. Miller said.” —New York Times

•••”The suspected New York City attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents about possible ties to suspected terrorists, but the agents did not have enough evidence to open a case on him, laws enforcement officials tell ABC News. Saipov was listed as a ‘point of contact’ for two men whose were listed in a Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism database and later overstayed their tourist visas [….] One was merely flagged after arriving from a so-called ‘threat country,’ while the other vanished and was being actively sought by federal agents as a ‘suspected terrorist.’ An official told ABC News that the FBI has since located him and he is not believed to have been involved in Tuesday’s attack.”

••• More on the capture of Saipov: “The four officers rushed out of the school, turning east toward the highway and confronting Mr. Saipov on the street. He had what appeared to be pistols in each hand and turned toward the officers as they approached. Officer Nash was the closest, and fired nine times from his department-issued service gun. When Mr. Saipov dropped to the pavement, a civilian—who had previously attempted to tackle the suspect as he was getting out of the rented truck—approached the wounded man, who was still clutching the two weapons. The civilian kicked the guns out of Mr. Saipov’s hands.” —New York Times

••• An employee of Manhattan Youth who witnessed the post-crash scene told the Broadsheet about her experience, which included getting Manhattan Youth locked down. “When police and FBI agents were finished taking statements from the woman […], one of them remarked on her quick thinking and determination to take action, as well as her attention to detail and precise recall, saying to her step-father, ‘she is a super hero.’ Another officer paid the woman what is perhaps the highest compliment in the police lexicon, turning to her and saying, ‘you really ought to be a cop.'”

P.S. Thanks to the resident of 200 Chambers who sent in the photo at top.


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  1. Who is this amazingly brave civilian that attempted to tackle the guy and kicked the guns out of his hands?!