Update on the Bike Path Attack

••• The attacker is Sayfullo Saipov; he moved from Uzbekistan to the U.S. in 2010. “After a move to New Jersey, Mr. Saipov eventually settled in Paterson and began driving for Uber. On Tuesday night, law enforcement officials converged on an apartment building near Genessee and Getty Avenues that was believed to be Mr. Saipov’s home. Mr. Saipov had earned a green card, according to a law enforcement official who spoke under the condition of anonymity because the investigation was proceeding, and had entered the country through Kennedy International Airport.” —New York Times

••• “Investigators discovered handwritten notes in Arabic near the truck that indicated allegiance to the Islamic State, two law enforcement officials said. But investigators had not uncovered evidence of any direct or enabling ties between Mr. Saipov and ISIS and were treating the episode as a case of an “inspired” attacker, two counterterrorism officials said.” —New York Times

••• “Five of the people killed were Argentine tourists who traveled to New York for a 30-year high school reunion celebration, said a senior official in Santa Fe Province, where they were from. The Argentine authorities said they were Hernán Mendoza, Diego Angelini, Alejandro Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernán Ferruchi. Martín Ludovico Marro, a sixth member of the group, was wounded. Belgian officials said one of those killed and three of the injured were from Belgium.” —New York Times

••• “The Argentinians who were killed were identified by officials on Twitter as Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernán Ferruchi. According to the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, Erlij is a 48-year-old businessman and steel mill owner from the central Argentinian city of Rosario. He reportedly paid his friends way to the Big Apple so they could all be together for the anniversary. The group graduated in 1987. The group graduated in 1987 from a polytechnic school. They arrived in New York several days ago with five others, officials said.” —New York Post

••• Regarding the bus that Saipov crashed into: “The bus serves two schools in Lower Manhattan and transports students with special needs. Two adults and two children on the bus were injured, the authorities said.” —New York Times

••• “Sources said four teens and a German tourist were also among the injured.” —New York Daily News

••• The media has talked about video of the attacker taken from Tribeca Bridge and shared via Snapchat; you can watch it on New York magazine‘s website.

••• And we all owe gratitude to the police officer who shot Saipov: “Officer Ryan Nash, 28, drove to the elite high school at Chambers and West Sts. after the 911 call [a report of a suicidal 17-year-old girl at Stuyvesant High School] came in at 2:35 p.m. That was about 30 minutes before a madman drove a rented truck down a bike path, killing eight people and injuring 11 others. The NYPD sent two patrol cars from the 1st Precinct to the school. Minutes later, Nash rushed to the terror scene after Sayfullo Saipov, 29, crashed the pickup truck into a school bus on Chambers St. near the high school. That crash injured two staffers and two students. Saipov was brandishing two guns, which turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun. Police said Saipov didn’t comply with orders to drop the weapons and Nash opened fire, striking him in the midsection. Nash, a Long Island resident, joined the NYPD in July 2012.” —New York Daily News

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  1. Thank you for all this consolidated coverage.

  2. Dear Citizen – thank you for the neighborhood update and officer Nash is to be very thanked certainly. But i don’t understand how there possibly could have been a 911 call about this situation a full half hour bf anything happened. Surely, he could have been stopped in advance if there was a full half hour? Is this perhaps mis-written in some way???

  3. I wonder if he planned to go down to the Trade Center area.

    • He wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near the WTC because of all the security bollards, and as a former Uber driver, he no doubt knew that. Instead, it seems as though he consciously chose an area where bollards wouldn’t be an issue.

  4. I echo the gratitude for your coverage on this and in real time yesterday. As soon as I heard something happened in Tribeca, TC was the first place I looked. Our hearts hurt for the victims, their families, and for all of those saddened and scared by this attack in our neighborhood.

    And thank you for highlighting Officer Nash who in the face of this very violent attack and the apparent presence of firearms was able to subdue the attacker in a way that will hopefully benefit the investigation and allow justice its day in court.

  5. Keep in mind the hero police officer, Ryan Nash, is from the 1st Precinct. That is the same precinct that is often maligned by people on these pages. Let’s hope when he went to work yesterday he didn’t park illegally or abuse a placard.

  6. Thank you Tribeca Citizen for the clarification as to how Officer Nash came to be in the area at the key moment. So out of a personal sadness, at least he was able to help. Although in truth, i don’t know how much more damage this terrible man could’ve done. UGH.

  7. I’d like to send a thank you to Tribeca — I love you. Feeling utterly hollowed out and sad, I walked out this morning to see so many familiar faces — friends and neighbors stopping to ask each other “you ok?” and to offer each other a quick hug. We’ve been through a lot down here. And we all get this. Days like yesterday make me ask why we stay. Today provided the answer.