In the News: Male Model Melee

Note: I’ve long been uncomfortable with the way that the media turns any horrible incident into a strange kind of entertainment, more so when it happened here. So I’ll include related news items when they seem illuminating and/or useful to this local audience, but I just can’t read all the wall-to-wall coverage—where the attacker prayed, how his wife feels, how Trump wants the death penalty, etc.—let along sift through it, because it’s too overwhelming.

••• The New York Times checks in with P.S. 89 principal Veronica Najjar, who “has guided her school through two terrorist attacks.” (The other one was 9/11.) “We just make sure that we’re giving kids the facts that are not overly explicit or overly graphic,” she told the NYT. “When you stick to the facts with kids, without giving them any embellishment or emotion with it, they are usually very satisfied. They just want to know that you’re being truthful with them.”

••• “New York City’s top cop said the city is looking into adding additional traffic barriers at the popular bike path where a man mowed down pedestrians and cyclists.” —NBC News 4

••• The Broadsheet remembers former Battery Park City Authority chair James Gill.

••• “Saturday night was alright for fighting outside Paul’s Baby Grand [the bar at the Roxy Hotel that was actually renamed Paul’s Cocktail Lounge a while ago]. A ‘massive brawl’ involving a table full of British models and friends of the club’s security staff broke out after the Tribeca VIP venue closed over the weekend. The melee, which involved more than two dozen combatants, played out in the streets at 4 a.m. But police were never called, and that’s fine with all involved. […] ‘Thirty people were fighting,’ according to our aspiring pugilist. ‘It just didn’t stop for 10 minutes.'” —New York Daily News



  1. And no cops were called? That is what money does anyone else cops would have been there

  2. From the Daily news:

    ““These guys were being aggressively British,” according to or spy. “They were being really obnoxious.””

    What does it mean to be “aggressively British”? To speak English?