Seen & Heard: A Growing Memorial

••• At Greenwich and Chambers, there’s a memorial growing for the victims of the attack on the bike path.

••• The reader who first told me something horrible was happening along West Street posed an interesting question: “Shouldn’t there be some sort of Amber Alert for terrorism?” It does seem like there might want to be a way to let an area know that something, the way the system does for flash floods.

••• A better look at 371 Broadway, the back of 5 Franklin Place, now that the sidewalk shed is finally gone. And there’s that annoying bus bulb.

••• Zdislav David Lasevski, owner of Argo Electronics, posted a comment about why the store closed: “As a New York City businessman I have to comply with the law. In my case it is just impossible to follow the instruction which require from me to upload to the Police Department Computer entire inventory of electronic components and equipment, report each individual sale. As you might see from the video on Youtube I will have to hire army of computer wizard and it will probably take them years to complete that project, and if I sale something to the artists the way their buy, which is usually by the lot for a few dollars, I will have to hire them again. I do understand what that law means but that was good for application years ago. Right now there are endless ways to sell any product on the internet and you can reach as far away as Syberia with the click of the button. I am very sorry and I apologize to all my customers who visited Argo through the years.” And he sent over the letter from the NYPD about the enforcement of Local Law 149.

••• The TV show “Bull” is shooting in the Cortlandt Alley area tomorrow.

••• 108 Chambers is going up fast. I feel for the folks with windows in the adjacent building on Warren.



  1. Notify NYC sent out an alert at 3:26 on Tuesday

    • I was thinking about one that wasn’t about traffic. (Here’s what that alert said: “Due to police activity, expect traffic delays and a heavy presence of emergency personnel in the area of Chambers Street and West Street in Manhattan. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.”) Also, the reader first emailed me at 3:12, and she said the NYPD was on the scene, rushing across the street and through the bushes. In such an event, 14 minutes is an eternity.

      • At least in this case, the police didn’t know it was a terrorist attack until it was over. So should an amber alert have been sent out after the fact?

        • An Amber Alert is specific to a missing child. AMBER is officially a contrived acronym for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, but was named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996. But yes an alert system would have been beneficial. As it was the community relied on Twitter, breaking local TV news stories, calls and text messages between family and friends and email communications from the schools that were on lockdown.

  2. citizen is an app that provides notifications of nearby emergencies. in this case, the alerts began with what pedestrians were witnessing real time.

  3. no one knew what was going on in or out of the area. communication was terrible. This should not be ! we should all be aware as soon as it happens