Seen & Heard: Friends & Fashion Pop-Up Shop

••• P.S. 234’s Friends & Fashion pop-up shop is this week at 295 Greenwich.

••• Gigi posted an update on the massive air conditioner outside the McDonald’s on Chambers: “I have been in touch with the Director of Operations of the franchise owner on behalf of my building (I’m on the board) and they are supposedly being removed next week sometime (week of 11/5). They had a city permit fwiw.”

••• Up now at Apexart: “Whether the medium is film or video, the edit is where the story comes together. Once production wraps, someone needs to put all the pieces together and make sense out of hours of footage. This is where the post-production team comes in. An editor, usually with a director or producer, crafts the story, adds music, sound, effects, and finishing touches. But what if different editors took the same footage and received no direction on what the intent of the finished product was to be? Would each editor come up with a different story, or would the footage always transpire into the same story? The Wonderful Wizards of Post explores this phenomena. Can The Wizard of Oz become a horror film? A romance? A surreal experience? Or something entirely different? Would the good become evil and the evil become good? Watch and see what happens to this well-loved film. Featuring work by: Amanda Durett Cercone, Perry DiMarco, Russ Mendelson, and Evald Ridore.”

••• The River Project‘s annual Release of the Fishes is November 9: “Fishes, snails, crabs, and other animals of the 2017 season will be returned to the Hudson River! Join us for this free event in the Wetlab on the south walkway of Pier 40.” There will be refreshments and raffled prizes.

••• The Tribeca Greenmarket is never prettier than in autumn. Go today.