Falling Glass at 111 Murray

Around 1 p.m. today, a glass panel fell from 111 Murray, the condo tower under construction at Murray and West. “From 30+ floors up,” reported a reader. “Word is that a piece of glass on the crane broke and then continued breaking as it fell.” Pieces of glass are being found on the playing fields, which is sure bring back memories from 2008, when a sheet of steel from the Goldman Sachs building landed in on the field. The FDNY is on the scene, and the south side of the ball fields has been shut down. (From top: photos by Dan, Michael, and Dan again.)



  1. Thankfully, the BPCA says that the south field is closed and will be cleaned tomorrow. https://twitter.com/bpca_ny/status/927268157525495808

  2. That is not good. I hope no one gets hurt. Unrelated, it is such as unattractive building. Bland, shapeless and too damn tall.

  3. Big thanks to BPCA for their quick response and for cleaning up fields so quickly.