Seen & Heard: 56 Leonard Retail

••• I had been under the impression that there was no retail at 56 Leonard, but that impression was wrong with a capital R.

••• Demolition is happening inside the former Shoofly space at 42 Hudson. The owner could just be prepping it in the hope of leasing it, or someone could be moving in.

••• The first floor of the Park Place side of 19 Park Place has been revealed. The main entrance is to the right; the bulbous part to the left is just lobby.

••• So has the west side of 346 Broadway (a.k.a. 108 Leonard), post-restoration. Stunning.

••• Two more shoots: “Nighthawks” in the Church/White area on Monday and Tuesday, and “Law & Order: SVU” in its usual spot (Chambers/Broadway) on Wednesday. More on the “Nighthawks” plot from writer/director Grant S. Johnson‘s website: “An art history major from the Midwest, Stan, has reluctantly moved to Manhattan for a job in finance. His native and wealthy roommate, Chad, convinces him to come out with his friends, with the assurance that they will find Stan a girlfriend. The fun night-out Chad promised is far from what transpires, as Stan is faced with an odyssey that requires him to endure constant sirens and escape from a maze that has a different path in store for him.”