In the News: Chin Re-Elected to City Council

••• City council member Margaret Chin won re-election. As you can see above, she had a much tougher time than other incumbents did. She’ll undoubtedly learn from this and endeavor to better represent her entire constituency. —New York Times

••• “Metalwork sculpture and furniture from 20th-century Art Deco to contemporary pieces will be on view [at Donzella] in Tribeca from Nov. 9.” Right: A 197os lamp by Charles et Fils. —WWD

••• Dean & DeLuca “is hitting the brakes on its expansion plans […] Dean & DeLuca will back out of leases signed for the former Spice Market eatery in the Meatpacking District and at the Trump Organization’s 40 Wall St.” Do you see that the company had launched a line of energy bars? Bizarre decision by a brand associated with gourmet food. —New York Post

••• United American Land bought 85 Chambers (where Nelly used to be), which goes through to 67 Reade. The company also owns 83 Chambers (65 Reade) next door. The buildings are landmarked, so I don’t think we need to fear redevelopment. Maybe UAL will undo some of the damage done to the ground floors over the years…. —Real Deal



  1. I was hoping for Chris Marte! great guy!! Chin has really done nothing much for us downtown. She has Tribeca wrapped up, I have no idea why?

  2. Irritating that Foldenauer ran yet again, but at least he wasn’t the spoiler this time:

  3. Chin responsive? Ha!

  4. Christopher Marte will not be going away. Chin is useless full of false promises like our mayor

  5. I’ve never even seen Marte in this neck of the woods until the election. What does he know about or care about down here? And I don’t mean that sarcastically. Chin’s tenure is over after this term, and would like to see Marte, Foldenauer or any other candidate who want that seat to be active and involved in all the neighborhoods that are covered by this district over the next few years–not just when its election time.

  6. I hoped we’d finally dump Chin this time. Oh, well…the power of incumbency appears unbeatable. The big mystery to me is – who on Earth is still voting for her?

  7. Last year we were told that electing the first woman president would make history and that anyone who did not vote for her was sexist, racist, misogynistic, hateful and deplorable. Therefore, I am stunned that here in NYC, Nicole Malliotakis was not elected mayor. She would have made history as the first woman mayor of New York City and now she has been denied. How dare anyone not vote for her. Guess De Blasio also had help from the Russians.

    • Cut the ” we were told” nonsense. It’s a fact. Electing the first female president would have made history. That is a fact, its not up for debate. Whats so stunning about a city that is almost 75% democrat not wanting to elect an greek/cuban who hates immigrants and lies to get votes?

      • Electing the first female mayor would have made history. That is a fact, its not up for debate. It’s so sad Nicole could not break through the glass ceiling in New York City of all places.

  8. The election seems to be a case of “Better the devil you know…”