In the News: Puffy’s Back in the Day

••• Daytonian in Manhattan on the adorable building at 141 W. Broadway. “The two floors of brick above the cast iron store front overflowed with creative detail. Spandrel panes of dog-tooth brick separated the second and third floors. Single incised lines within the piers, coupled with rough-cut stones that smacked of capitals, implied pilasters. An elaborate pressed metal cornice and parapet crowned the the building. But it was the keystones of the third floor that took center stage. Their totally unexpected designs took the shape of a fox or wolf, a dog, and a lion.” When I went to take the photo above, I couldn’t decide whether the first animal was a fox or a bear…. And then, for mysterious reasons, I took a photo of the dog instead.

••• The Broadsheet sifts through the statistics of this week’s city council election.

••• Russ Smith remembers a day at Puffy’s in 1989. —Splice

••• “Michele Lent Hirsch, 32, was a senior at Stuyvesant and saw the first tower fall from a classroom window on Sept. 11, 2001. In 2010, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to be quarantined after she received iodine radiation treatment. […] She has since discovered that other graduates of Stuyvesant have cancers and lung diseases that rarely strike young people.” This New York Post article appears to be part of a marketing push by a personal-injury lawyer trying to get folks enrolled in the the World Trade Center Health Program and the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund.

••• More photos of the restored western side of 346 Broadway, a.k.a. 108 Leonard, currently being converted to condos. —Architectural Digest

••• “New Renderings Surface for 125 Greenwich Street’s Final Design.” It’s to the right of 1WTC in the rendering below—that one that looks like something you could vape with. —YIMBY



  1. This building has been in the Pantzer family for over a hundred years .we use to own towers cafeteria and the building which is now the Odeon Joan pantzer p.s. Will never sell passing on to next in family