Revealed: The Wild New Building on Franklin

The single-family home at 187 Franklin, designed by Jeremy Edmiston of System Architects, has been revealed—not quite fully, but enough to get a good sense of what the overall effect will eventually be. Enlarge the photos for a better look. (I’ll go back tomorrow to see if I can get shots without the reflected light on the facade. UPDATE 11/11: I added them at the end of the post.) And if you walk by to check it out yourself, note the way the oblique windows catch the reflections of various buildings—and how the effect changes as you move.

Now we just have to get inside….



  1. Rather Gaudi-esque.
    I dig it.

  2. Very beautiful and unique.

  3. Looks like they are going to be getting glass balconies?

  4. Gaudi was my first thought too. Love It !

  5. Oh I don’t know…I guess it is fun. TriBeCa: home of the
    single family elite. I hope they buy locally.

  6. The architecture reminds me of Gaudi’s Park Guel. Love it.

  7. Overall, yes, it’s interesting and ambitious. But am I the only person here who isn’t loving the window hardware?

  8. I LOVE this building! It’s unique!
    So tired of the same ugly “all glass” designs.

  9. This building looks horrible! I can’t believe it got approved.