Seen & Heard: Citigroup’s Mismatched Glass

••• Grown & Sewn‘s store at 116 Franklin is hosting a Red Wing Heritage pop-up for six months, so now you can get fully outfitted and accessorized in one spot.

••• For reasons unclear to me now that I revisit the renderings (one of which is below), I was under the impression that the top half of Citigroup’s revamped-and-combined headquarters at 388 Greenwich was being recovered, too. Now that I realize it’s not, I have to ask: Why didn’t they attempt to match the glass better? It just looks like they were too cheap to go whole hog.

••• The Landmarks Preservation Commission paperwork at Il Mulino’s forthcoming Tribeca outpost indicates that the restaurant will be “painting the wood storefront infill black to match the historic cast iron storefront elements.”

••• Press release: “Epic Players Inclusion Company returns with the second play of their 2017-18 season, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, with book, music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. The musical adaptation of Charles M. Shulz comic strip Peanuts, runs November 16-19 at The Flea’s new theater in Tribeca. Epic is a theater troupe for actors living with (and without) developmental disabilities such as autism. Performances pioneer increased inclusion in theater arts, breaking through social barriers and debunking stigmas. Charles Schultz’s beloved musical—now celebrating its 50th Anniversary—explores love, friendship and acceptance of others’ differences through the antics of the beloved Peanuts gang.” Tickets.

••• I hear that an acupuncturist has rented the Jay Street office at 67 Hudson.