In the News: A History of Drivers on the Bike Path

••• After being renovated as a single-family triplex with ground-floor retail and then put on the rental market, 1 White is now being listed for sale for $9 million. The New York Post touts the “50-square-foot roof terrace,” but as James pointed out, “the building’s alteration application Schedule A, however, states in relevant part: ‘It shall be contrary to this C of O to use the roof for any gathering or use or occupancy of any kind, other than for maintenance purposes.'”

••• “Between January and October 2017 alone, park officers issued 50 tickets—and made one DUI arrest—for people driving on the [Hudson River Park] bike path, according to data provided by NYC Park Advocates and confirmed by the city Parks Department. […] When confronted with the summons figures, the [Hudson River Park] Trust argued that some citations could have been issued to electric-bike operators or for other infractions, like cars blocking the bike path. But the data, which was prepared at the request of the Mayor’s office after the terror attack, specifically referred to vehicles driving on the path, city sources said.” —New York Post

•••”One of Battery Park City’s most eclectic apartments is for sale. The penthouse at 380 Rector Place is owned by Isaac Gindi, the son of the late Samuel “Sonny” Gindi, who founded the Century 21 discount department store chain in 1961. The younger Mr. Gindi and his brother, Eddie, now own Century 21.” —Broadsheet

••• “A double-decker treasure, the lower portion of 55 Wall St. was the 1842 Merchants Exchange; the seamless upper portion was added by McKim, Mead & White in 1904 for National City Bank.” —Daytonian in Manhattan (rendering by Louis H. Dreyer from the collection of the Museum of City of New York)



  1. I’m struck by the defensiveness of the Hudson River Park Trust in waving off the NY Post’s and NYC Park Advocates’ unearthing 50 tickets thus far this year for motor-vehicle driving on the Hudson River Greenway. Why don’t they comb their records rather than blow smoke? Better yet, why don’t they post those records for public scrutiny?

  2. Not sure it’s defensiveness. Motorized bikes and skateboards are a real hazard on the bikepaths. Many travel over 20mph. I’m surprised many more are not regularly injured. The parks department seem to be stepping up patrols but have not put a dent in the overall proliferation even with additional bollards. These vehicles represent a true danger as well. A breakdown is n vehicles is necessary however there should be no motorized vehicles on the bike path.