Seen & Heard: Another Small Business at Risk

••• “Not sure you heard but Joseph at Downtown Florist on Murray (between Church and Broadway) may have to close at the end of the month,” reports a reader. “His lease is up and they are raising it from $7,000 to $11,000 a month which he cannot afford…. Super sad news, especially since his old spot on Church is still vacant. He is looking for a new space but hasn’t found anything yet.”

••• When I stopped by Consort for gift-guide research, I learned that the lower level is now mostly retail. (It was office space when it opened.)

••• The city council members running for speaker will be at New York Law School on Monday, November 20, for a public forum. RSVP.

••• The Oliver Peoples eyewear shop at Brookfield Place opens November 30. UPDATE: Apparently it’s already opened; there’s an opening party on November 30.

••• Today and tomorrow: Ambassador Video is shooting on W. Broadway. That makes four shoots in Tribeca this week.

••• Speaking of eyewear…. “New at C21 today: Frames $30-130,” reports P. “Lens prices are frighteningly low—I believe I heard $85 reg and $125 for progressive lens. They’re even doing eye exams with the ‘Smart’ device below (while shoppers are swirling by and bumping into you) or you can bring in a prescription. One person has a white lab coat—so must be legit right?”

••• A treat to see “Tribeca” get prominent placement in yesterday’s New York Times crossword, even if “New York Law School’s neighborhood” wouldn’t have made my list of top ten likeliest clues.



  1. For further the information about the “speaking of eyewear…. new at C21 today” item. The company selling that eye testing device in the photo has a website explaining the process.

  2. This is the same sad story over and over.
    Landlord jacks rent- business moves.
    Meanwhile the old space sits vacant while landlord awaits their
    “dream tenant” such as TDBank.
    And what has the old landlord gained by what they did?
    I cannot comprehend.
    SO SAD =(

    • Exactly! When we moved into IPN there was a pizzeria, a sushi restaurant, a nail salon, a deli, a coffee/dessert cafe and a dry cleaner downstairs. Now there is just the Duane Reade and a hundred pounds of garbage that swirls around when the wind blows. And IPN wonders why they have so many vacancies? It used to be a neighborhood with conveniences. Now it’s just real estate. Thanks, Stellar!

  3. Has anyone heard of a tax abatement program that landlords use to counter vacant retail leases? There must be a hidden incentive for keeping all these store fronts unused? If so, shame on you Mayor. All these retail and restaurant closing with increase unemployment. Soon, the uncontrolled real estate construction boom will lead to a ghost town.