Scaffolding on the Rampage

The scaffolding collapse in Soho is today’s big scary-wind story, but this terrifying video (by Vinrockz, via NY1) deserves attention, too. It’s scaffolding from Citi headquarters? or an IPN building? at 80 N. Moore, one of the Independence Plaza towers—banging against the building in the high winds. When will the city start imposing much stricter standards on construction in high winds?



  1. That’s IPN, 80 N Moore

  2. Yes IPN. Called 1st Precinct and dispatcher told me cops came and only saw a netting unsecured as watched the platform dangle and bang. Called back and told them FDNY was on the scene. Dispatcher very rude. 1st Precinct clueless. FDNY very heroic.

  3. These are two different types of construction equipment.

    The video in Tribeca shows a *hanging* scaffold. (This should have been hoisted up and secured to the building when not in use.)

    Today’s collapse in Soho involved a sidewalk shed, possibly with fixed scaffolding on top. It should have been initially installed so as to resist wind loading.

  4. recess IPN no surprise. Charging tenants from $3,000-8,000 an apartment. I knew sooner or later a problem with the scaffolding. I don’t know how they still get away with things.