Seen & Heard: 1st Precinct Car Caught in the Act

••• From a reader: “I’m curious if any other readers have mentioned sketchy credit card activity at Wicked Juice on W. Broadway. Over the last couple of weeks it has happened to me twice where a charge of $17.91 and $24 and change has appeared on my credit card statement as $217.91 and $224. The credit card companies are disputing the charges but seems an odd coincidence this has happened to me twice at the same merchant.” Indeed. UPDATE: “It was a major glitch in my POS system, and the issue has been fixed permanently,” says Wicked’s Brian Schoenberger. “Also all persons were refunded or are being refunded. If you could please let everyone know—and somehow tell anyone who had the issue I would like to invite them back for a smoothie or juice on me.”

••• A parking garage has opened on the Leonard side of 56 Leonard.

••• The two-towered condo at 565 Broome, designed by Renzo Piano, has sexy rounded corners.

••• The TV show “Billions” is in the Hudson/Franklin area today. And the production company North Six was doing something at the Sixth/Laight area (possibly at Spring Studios) yesterday.

••• In the past, the 1st Precinct has denied that its officers make the illegal right turn from White Street against traffic on W. Broadway. (This one—license plate number is 5568, with “@NYPD1Pct” on the bumper—turned its flashing lights on while it made the turn, then hung out on White for a bit.) I’m increasingly convinced that the only reason they don’t enforce the law at this intersection is because they’re the primary culprits.



  1. Happened to us a few weeks ago. We noticed it and called the owner, and he was able to reverse the charges quickly. Owner has stated that it was the point of sale company. His old POS stated they had fixed it, and it happened again. Am told he is suing the former for damages. Please get a statement from him directly though. He needs the local support or we’re going to have an other vacant storefront!

  2. I wanted to apologize to everyone who was overcharged. I have changed our POS system out this weekend to prevent this from happening again. As a business owner this is ones worst nightmare.
    I know many were overcharged multiple times.
    Most have already been refunded or went directly this the bank.
    Again I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this caused any of our patrons.
    Please feel free to contact me directly with any concerns
    Happy Holidays
    Brian Schoenberger

  3. Erik, I took a number of videos of 1st precinct cars making that illegal turn about 18 months ago and posted some on YouTube and reported them to the NYPD. I’ve been contacted on several occasions by the Internal Affiars dept but so far there has been no action. Quite apart from being illegal, the reason i was so cocerned is because it’s dangerous for people crossing N Moore St who wouldn’t look for cars coming from that direction.

    It actually makes a great deal of sense to allow that turn, especially since the CitiBikes closed the turn by the Franklin St subway. BUT it needs to be properly controlled which it could be with a simple traffic light on W Broadway.

  4. How about NYPD vehicles, marked or unmarked, who make illegal right turns from, Ericsson Place to Varick Street? I was almost run over a few months ago when an unmarked police car made that illegal right turn and I yelled at the people in the car. The driver yelled back at me and said that they were NYPD. As if that makes it OK.