2017 Shop-Local Gift Guide (Part 1)

After the first Shop-Local Gift Guide in 2010, I waited five years to do another one because it was a lot of work. And it still is. But, hey, there are fewer shops now, right? And—related—people seem to need reminding that Tribeca is still a great shopping neighborhood. So get out there and buy someone’s affection! I’ve included items that caught my eye, but there’s a whole lot more at every shop. I wasn’t price-sensitive, so please don’t whinge about how expensive something is or I’ll delete your comment.


••• I keep thinking I should get my nephew, recently graduated from college, a first-aid kit ($98). He won’t think it’s a fun gift, but he might thank me someday.
••• Any self-respecting man likes a serious tool box ($98), even if he uses it for wigs.
••• Cold feet are the worst ($85).
••• This vest is the sartorial equivalent of comfort food ($168).


••• Lobmeyr’s extraordinary Serie B line of barware. Just get two of the littlest ones ($248 each) for a romantic post-prandial glass of something sticky.
••• Or a Biedermeier tumbler ($226).
••• Some friends recently said they were weighing whether to buy certain bookends at Stillfried Wien, so I decided they were interested in these Carl Auböck ones ($828 for the pair).


••• Everyone loves a gong ($155).
••• I don’t know what you do with these felt garlands ($12), but I bought some anyway. Also available in animal and other shapes.
••• Your kid’s room just got cooler ($6).
••• Bruce Lee figurines (from $5)—best for the office, I think.


••• Technically, you’re not supposed to give a pet as a gift, but I’m sure you’re responsible enough to know whether the time is right. So if you do, then adopt one! I almost took Jay Jay (the dog below) home, and those two black kittens wouldn’t stop playing long enough for me to get a good shot. Sure to be the most memorable gift you ever give.


••• For the tiger mom in your life ($135).


••• From Leibal: A tech “dopp kit” ($219) and compostable paper plates (from $8).
••• From Modernbeast: Bow ties for dogs ($22).
••• From November 19: Adam and Eve beaded keychain doodads ($39); chopstick stands ($10); and lovely windchimes ($18).
••• From Sage Collective: Whimsical stuffed animals, maybe cats or foo dogs ($65), and adorable oven mitts ($33). You have to be a bit careful giving someone an oven mitt as a gift—then again, who could resist that face?




  1. There are so many amazing dogs (and cats) available for adoption at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center and this weekend the adoption fees are waived. I don’t advocate giving a pet as a surprise gift, but if you are considering adding a pet to your family this holiday season please consider adopting from Best Friends (or any other shelter).

  2. Damn, you just reminded me that I need to buy a gong.

  3. We adopted a kitten from Best Friends last week. Note that they will not let you adopt unless they meet all members of your family first! No surprise pets!

  4. Awesome piece!