Seen & Heard: A Peek Inside Buddha Bar

••• “For the past few months, my wife and I have been talking to a homeless man who lives on our block (Broadway/Leonard),” writes M. “After months of walking our dog past him we said hi and now make an effort to speak to him every night (and bring him food/clothing, etc.). He arrives around 9 p.m. and leaves by 4:30 a.m. He gets food from the local soup kitchens but has not been able to find work. He had a job at a hospital as a pharmacist’s assistant but lost it in 2013. In 2014 he lost his home and has been living on the street ever since. My wife and I were taken in by his politeness and cleanliness. He looked ‘out of place’ on the streets. All of our neighbors want to help as well as we are all collecting money to help get him on his feet again. He is 53-year-old man from India with no family or friends in the U.S. Are you aware of any housing options for people in his position? He will take any job. He will work for housing, food, etc. He let his work visa lapse because he couldn’t make the fee. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.”

••• Alex pointed out that Citiscape Design & Development posted two photos of the progress at the Buddha Bar opening on Thomas Street, along with a rendering.

••• B. noticed that repair work is finally underway at 111 Church (where there was a huge fire a few months ago).

••• The Q House of Basics pop-up shop at Greenwich and Watts has been extended to the end of January.

••• Thanks to N. for the photo of the new Amazon locker inside the ATM vestibule at the Chase branch at Greenwich and Murray (in case the one across the street at Whole Foods is too far…). Do they all have names like “Brian”? What a lack of imagination.



  1. re the homeless man on leonard and broadway, there are a few homeless men on leonard street, I think it speaks to the generosity of the neighborhood that they stay because the people here take care of them, there is one guy who hangs in front of my building I give him money each week, and he in turn cleans the front of our building saving us fines from the sanitation dept. he was I think chased off the street by the request of residents of #66 but comes back in the mornings, knowing that people are generous as I see other residents and people who work in the area helping him out. these are people down on their luck, some of them have mental problems but ive seen an uptick in the number of homeless in new york, and we need to help them.

  2. Amazon pickup locations near 10013:

    Amazon Locker – Ayush
    311 Broadway
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Nera
    140 Church St
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Tribeca
    270 Greenwich St
    at Whole Foods

    Amazon Locker – Brian
    101 Barclay St
    at Chase

    Amazon Locker – Bari
    107 Nassau St
    at Blink Fitness

    Amazon Locker – Summit
    623 Broadway
    at Chase

    Amazon Locker – Jeanie
    21 Dey St
    at Century 21

    Amazon Locker – Irons
    111 John St
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Neely
    142 Delancey St
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Samso
    3 Sheridan Square
    at Gristedes

    Amazon Locker – Sonia
    813 Broadway
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Altai
    501 6th Ave
    at Rite Aid

    Amazon Locker – Unionsquare
    4 Union Sq S
    at Whole Foods

    Amazon Locker – Somma
    239 E 14th St
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Lindy
    247 3rd Ave
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Luiz
    182 5th Ave
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Sylvia
    246 W 23rd St
    at 7-Eleven

    Amazon Locker – Chelsea
    250 7th Ave
    at Whole Foods

    Amazon Locker – Zia
    25 W 26th St
    at HLC Wholesale Inc.

    Amazon Locker – Hekat
    282 8th Ave
    at Rite Aid

  3. The Buddha Bar will be a disaster for the people on Thomas. I am shocked that the residents on that street they were not able to organize and block this. Going to be a bunch of B&T folks loitering on that block and making noise all night. What a shame.

  4. Re: homeless South Asian man. I work for the NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health and would potentially be able to connect this man to community-based organizations that could help. Erik – could you connect me to the folks who have been speaking to this man? Thanks so much.

  5. We moved to Chelsea a year and a half ago but I still check TC regularly for proof that there are still good people in the world. Keep it up, good people of Tribeca!