Seen & Heard: 101 Barclay Flash Mob

••• Artist Nick Savides has a new painting of the area, “Tribeca Tavern.”

••• “I feel like organizing a large group of people to all use the 101 Barclay privately owned public space at once is a good idea,” suggests Flash Mob. “If the owners of the building / BoNY are going to take an aggressive (and illegal) stance against the public, then its time for the public to take an aggressive (and legal) stance back.” I’m onboard. Maybe we can get Scott Stringer to join for a photo op.

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music‘s holiday record and CD sale starts December 2: “CDs are NEW donations from record companies and collectors, not returns or defects. 20,000 CDs this year • Many Out-of-Print! Mostly pop + rock recordings. Collectible LPs are priced below book/online value. New & hot CDs start @ $3 Thousands of CDs this year @ $1 each! No, really thousands! Our CDs are cheaper than downloading! New this sale our chilly winter specials • 78s!! • Plus –Incredible selection of Jazz – all formats • Blues LPs • vintage 60s Gande Ballroom psychedelic posters • Many Latin + Tango LPs • Rare Fillmore East programs • Picture Discs • music books + magazines • Kids LPs • Most Classical LPs 2 for $1.00 • videos + DVDs • Tons of Jazz Books • X-mas Records.”

••• Press release: “Arts Brookfield and New York Classical Theatre hopes you can spend 15-minutes of your lunch with Scrooge, Marley, Cratchit, Fezziwig, Tiny Tim and more characters of this condensed beloved holiday tale of love and redemption. A (15-min!) Christmas Carol is performed in record time with just two actors!” It’s November 30 and December 5-7. More info.

••• I spent the past few days in Barcelona, and since it was my first time in the city, we hit the four (main?) Antoni Gaudí buildings. I definitely saw the Gaudí connection people have been noticing in regard to 187 Franklin, but at La Pedrera (my favorite, along with Palau Güell), I was really struck by how much Santiago Calatrava referenced Gaudí for the World Trade Center Transportation hub.



  1. Awesome idea for a flashmob at BONY’s 101 Barclay! Happy to post on FiDi Fan Page when the time comes.

  2. DDG would have one believe that its 325 West Broadway references Gaudi in its natural structural elements (albeit in a tensile material–metal–rather than a compressive material like concrete).

  3. The most amazing thing at La Pedrera IMO is the display showing how Gaudi designed arches by modeling them (100 years before computer aided design) with hanging chains, letting gravity create the arches upside down.