A Pilates Studio Is Leaving Town

“Thought you’d like to know that Karen Lord Pilates Movement‘s last day on Duane Street is Friday, December 8,” reports a reader. “I’ve been going since they opened their doors and am still a regular. That studio will be sorely missed. They’re opening/moving to L.A.” It opened at 137 Duane in January of 2014. (When I stopped by to confirm this, a staffer said the last day is actually December 10.)



  1. it’s about time. they were so rude to their customers we all ended up leaving.

  2. Since I’ve been here since August and the team is extremely courteous and none of the teachers are rude. They are extremely dedicated to their clients!

  3. Raimo’s! We need Raimo’s! What a brilliant idea JMc.

  4. That will make 5 empty storefronts on that block?

  5. I agree with Michael.
    The teachers since this summer have been very dedicated, professional and caring.

  6. I went before summer and was faced with fairly impassive instructors, one of them was happily telling me how bad she is counting. I always felt like I was disturbing their day. Needless to say, I never went back. Never understood their pricing model either. Glad they are gone. Bye bye.