Seen & Heard: Manhattan’s Largest Public Solar Array

••• From BMCC: “Workers from the New York Power Authority have installed 947 solar energy panels on the main roof of Borough of Manhattan Community College’s four-block-long 199 Chambers Street building. The five by three foot panels of 327 watts—many of which are visible from the streets of Tribeca—are hung vertically on the cooling tower enclosure walls and flat on the western lower roof facing the Hudson River for maximum exposure to the sun. The BMCC solar array is now the largest public photovoltaic facility on Manhattan island, and has the added distinction of being the first vertical solar facility in all of New York City according to NYPA. First proposed in 2008, the project’s design has improved as technology changed and after BMCC removed its old roof, installed four inches of R-25 insulation and recapped the four-block-long roof.”

••• From ARC Athletics on Staple Street: “We’re collecting new, unwrapped toys for kids and delivering them to the local U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in early December. Toy drop-offs will be accepted at ARC Athletics Tribeca through December 5.” That’s Tuesday, so hustle over to Boomerang Toys and pick something up, stat.

••• Is Hugh going to be there?

••• James noted that the Subway sandwich shop at 297 Church, which had a “for lease” sign in the window for six months, is gone.

••• “240” was back shooting on Duane yesterday and Friday, and “Succession” comes to upper Church Street on Monday and Tuesday ••• WeWork opened at 205 Hudson. Last we heard, the company was taking the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors. (It’s also opening at 53 Beach.)



  1. I wonder why they mounted the panels flat on the roof, when tilting them would get more sunlight?

  2. Wework has opened 7 and 8 at 205 Hudson. They will open 6 in March. Come visit, it’s amazing!!!