Seen & Heard: Duane Reade’s Sparely Stocked Shelves

••• Maybe the shelves at the Duane Reade on Greenwich are always sparely stocked, but I was surprised how many of them had just one row of merchandise, pushed up to the front to look like more.

••• “Apologies if this has been recently asked and answered,” asked Mark, “but does anyone know how long (or at least what the official word is on how long) the sewer construction will be going on for on Worth between Broadway and Church?” The answer was covered in a post from June about why the MTA is parking buses on Church Street during rush hour; at that time, the Department of Design and Construction’s community liaison for the Worth Street reconstruction project said that the work between Church and Broadway would likely not be done for another year and a half. So unless something has changed that block of Worth has a year to go.

••• Frenchette is testing new colors for its facade. Probably not a bad idea—especially without the sidewalk café, it currently blends into Bâtard next door.

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back in its usual spot this week.

••• The former Taymour Grahne Gallery space at 157 Hudson is for sale.

••• The south side of 30 Warren is up to street level, but the north side is still a hole in the ground. (The north side is a one-story commercial space; the architect clearly wanted to get the residential part as far from Chambers as possible.)


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  1. Re: “the architect clearly wanted to get the residential part as far from Chambers as possible.”

    In my opinion, that’s not entirely a fair reading. The building apparently will use most of the allowable 7.5 floor-area ratio. That said, one cannot go above 7 floors without some portion of the lot being less than 7 floors. Also, the lot is 25 feet wide on Chambers but 50 feet wide on Warren, so it is each floor is a more efficient use of footage and thus so is building higher on the south side of the lot. However, relative to the 7.5 FAR, it takes a “reduction” of 2+ floors on the 75-foot deep portion of the lot on the Chambers side to “increase” the height by 1 floor on the 100-foot deep portion of the lot on the Warren side.