In the News: Possible Bike-Only Ramp on the Brooklyn Bridge

••• More details on yesterday’s big car wreck. —Broadsheet

••• “A thief broke into an FBI agent’s car and stole a safe containing over $7,800 and several bullet proof vests as it sat parked in the shadow of Manhattan’s Federal Plaza.” —New York Post

••• “The New York City Department of Transportation is taking a series of steps to relieve congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge, including possibly creating a separate bike-only entrance to the bridge on the Manhattan side and limiting the number of vendors and where they can sell on the promenade. These steps were outlined in a report released Friday that was based partly on the findings of an engineering study by a consulting firm, Aecom, which was hired by the city in 2016 to look for ways to relieve overcrowding and improve safety on the promenade. […] The separate bike entrance would consist of an elevated lane on the Manhattan side that would run along the edge of the bridge—physically separate from the existing promenade—and then join back with the promenade in an L-shape. It would divert cyclists from the heavily crowded entrance to the bridge, and also reduce any potential conflicts with pedestrians in a sloping section of the bridge where Manhattan-bound cyclists are going their fastest. The city would create this bike entrance by converting a vehicle exit ramp on Park Row that was closed after the Sept. 11 terror attacks as it leads directly to the area around the headquarters of the New York Police Department.” —New York Times