Seen & Heard: Historic District Expansion Rebuffed

••• As James noted, the New York State Supreme Court dismissed Tribeca Trust’s case against the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission about the LPC’s refusal to evaluate an expansion of Tribeca’s historic districts. Here’s a PDF of the decision.

••• I hope 1 Beekman ends up being attractive, because it’s blocking nearly all of 5 Beekman—not just from my apartment, but in general. Landmarking can protect a building from being destroyed, but not from being diminished.

••• Check out the exquisite Richard Hanbleton painting at Philip Williams Posters. He’s the artist known as Shadowman who recently died.

••• I hear that a temporary gallery is setting up shop at long-dormant 175 Franklin, next to Shinola.

••• Coach is shooting something in the Duane/Hudson area today.

••• I attended this week’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Street Fair Task Force in order to get a look at the 2018 schedule. (See below.) Happily, from my point of view, none are planned for Warren Street. But there was talk of trying for a five-week holiday fair along the west side of City Hall Park, which would likely be upsetting to those of us who live across the street. (Four residential buildings face that side of City Hall Park.) Mardi Gras Festival Productions, which organizes the events (with proceeds going to CB1), said that it tried for a City Hall Park fair this year, only to be rejected by the Parks Department. Mardi Gras then tried for the east side of the park, where there’s a huge plaza and a lot of tourists—the main audience for these fairs—but Parks wouldn’t go for that, either. Whether things will be different this go-round is anyone’s guess. I wish I could say that I’ll be able to keep you abreast of whatever is planned beyond what’s on this schedule, but CB1 has convinced itself that voting on the events would be unethical, because it’s the beneficiary, even though the task force meeting was a de facto approval of the slate. If CB1 wants to recuse itself from any discussion of street fairs, so be it, but the events should still be run by the public—especially those of us who live on affected streets.



  1. Those break dancing crews on the East side of the park must have pull.

  2. Xcellent spirit Richard Hanbleton. Xcellent prints at Williams Posters.

  3. Last month Tribeca Trust filed their notice of appeal and their pre-argument statement listing the grounds for seeking reversal of the unfavorable decision in their suit against LPC.

    PDF of pre-argument statement here: