Church Street School for Music and Art Found a New Home in Tribeca

In June of 2016, when I interviewed Church Street School for Music and Art co-founder Lisa Ecklund-Flores for a Spotlight Q&A, she was concerned about the school’s future: “We’re at a crossroads,” she said. “We have six years left on our lease, and we pay an exorbitant amount of rent. We have to create the longevity that this institution and this neighborhood deserve. A non-profit community school for the arts is an amazing resource. Did you know that none of the other non-profit arts schools in the city pay rent? They were gifted or bought or included in a new development.”

She can rest a bit easier now, according to today’s announcement:

With great joy (and a good deal of relief) I write today to tell you that Church Street School for Music and Art has found a new home! This brief letter includes important information that we wanted you to have right away. More details will follow soon.

After a multi-year search, we are about to sign a lease on the former Flea Theater at 41 White Street. We will open in the new space at the start of spring semester on January 29, 2018. Programs currently underway at 74 Warren Street will remain there through the end of the fall semester.

I am ecstatic that we will now be able to continue all of our acclaimed programs and services in the community where we were founded 27 years ago! The space at 41 White Street, with its history as an arts venue, lends itself beautifully to our needs, with spaces for performances and group programs and smaller rooms for private lessons. In addition, the move affords a significant reduction in rent, which gives our not-for-profit organization a stronger fiscal profile. The overall rent expense at 74 Warren St. was a constant struggle.

Church Street School is proud to be your premiere community school for the arts. This is an important transition for the school’s long-term mission and well-being in Lower Manhattan, and makes it possible for us to continue our work for decades to come.

Be a sport and make a donation. (The photo below is by Claudine Williams, from that entertaining Spotlight Q&A.)



  1. What a relief to have Church Street School for Music and Arts continue providing access to children and adults to the arts in a pure and honest format w/o the pretense we see so often in what is on offer.
    To be relieved of the escalation of financial burdens/costs so prevalent, now, in our community – originally an artist’s community; Compliments to the landlord of 41 White Street.

  2. This is great news! A huge thank you to the landlord for helping us retain these programs that are so essential in helping our kids achieve a well rounded education

  3. Wonderful news – what a loss the neighborhood would suffer if they couldn’t find an affordable space. The businesses over on the East side of Church Street will be very happy as well.