Seen & Heard: Two Hands Gave Up on Dinner

••• Two Hands has stopped serving dinner at its Tribeca outpost, I’m sorry to report. (The one on Mott never has.)

••• How long till the base of 1 World Trade Center lights up with ads?

••• Work appears to be happening in the old RBC Coffee space at 71 Worth. A café was mostly built out than aborted years ago. Anyone know what’s up?

••• The TV show “Power” is shooting in the Cortlandt Alley area on Wednesday and Thursday.

••• One nice thing about the 30-story 565 Broome condo under construction: When you’re looking up Varick Street, it blocks much of the 42-story (soon to be rebranded) Trump Soho hotel.

••• It’s hard to tell from this photo, but 100 Franklin—at least part of it—is up to ground level.



  1. Why are the animations on the base of the WTC so terrible? Did they spend any time on them at all? There are glitches, bad color choices, and utterly unoriginal design concepts.

    • I disagree. They had some pretty cute ones going with the candy canes and snowflakes. I mean it is Christmas time, it’s as original as you can get.

      • I agree! I think the designs are a pleasant surprise. I liked the Candy canes and Christmas Trees. It’ll be interesting to see what else they come up with for future holidays and events.

  2. “How long till the base of 1 World Trade Center lights up with ads?”

    Please please no.
    Far too many oversized ads in this city. Makes it so crass and ugly.

  3. I have heard that the 71 Worth Street space will be a Wine bar, run by the Aterra people. I live in the building above, and this is just third hand info without vetting.