Brushstroke’s New “Hidden Noodle Shop”

When David Bouley and¬†the Tsuji cooking school of Osaka, Japan, opened Brushstroke in April of 2011, the area to the right of the front door as you walk in was a lounge. The lounge was subsequently turned into a sushi bar with its own name, Ichimura at Brushstroke, and, by the fall of 2012, three stars from the New York Times. (Brushstroke itself earned two.) In June of 2016, chef Eiji Ichimura announced his plan to open a restaurant on Leonard Street; he ended up leaving the new restaurant acrimoniously, but that’s another story. Now Brushstroke is trying something different with the former lounge/sushi bar area: Noodle Bar Brushstroke, or “a hidden Noodle shop being found yet!” according to the Instagram bio.

The restaurant is open for dinner Monday through Saturday, with no reservations for the eight counter seats. (If there’s demand, they might add a couple of high-tops.) Besides the main menu, a limited sushi menu is also available.

Pictured below, photos from Noodle Bar Brushstroke’s Instagram: Tonkotsu ramen (“the soup is cooked for four days. Pork chashu is made at our sister restaurant, Brushstroke”); duck original 7 miso ramen; scallop mushroom gyoza with lemon butter sansho-pepper sauce; roasted sweet corn ramen (“so creamy and sweet”).


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  1. lookin’ real good