Y7 Studio Is Opening in Tribeca

Y7 Studio, “the Original Hip-Hop Yoga Studio,” teased a Tribeca outpost back in May, and when I recently saw it mentioned as “coming soon” in a nearby real-estate listing, I reached out to see if Y7 was ready to announce the location yet. I didn’t hear back, but no matter: The studio is at 57 Leonard, as you can see from the signage in the window. I’ll try asking about an opening date. UPDATE: They’re shooting for early February.

More on Y7 from its Facebook page:

At Y7 we do things differently. We give you 60 minutes of intensity combined with heat and strength complemented by deep breathing and a calming of the mind. We ask you to step outside the chaos and embrace the fire inside. You’ll flow along to the latest beats. There are no mirrors in the candle-lit studios. The darkness, the sounds, and the heat will take you to a place you’ve never before been. Join us for the best hour of your day. Leave here feeling strong, clear and ready to take on whatever the city has in store for you. Take a class and never look back.

And this from its website:

All classes take place in a dark, candlelit room. [….] The yoga room is heated, using infrared heating technology and gets to between 80-90 degrees. Sweat that sh*t out.