Morgan’s Market Will No Longer Be Open 24 Hours

Sorry, night owls: B. noticed a sign at Morgan’s Market announcing that as of January 1, the deli will be open from 5 a.m. to midnight, rather than 24 hours a day. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Tribeca is another story. Is anywhere around here open 24 hours, besides the McDonald’s at Chambers and Greenwich? UPDATE: Dave says that Mon Cher Market at Broadway and Worth and Battery Park City Gourmet Market at North End Ave. and Chambers are open 24 hours. Also, the Dunkin Donuts on Chambers is 24 hours, and I suppose the 7-Elevens could be. UPDATE: And I forgot about Benvenuto! Thanks, Back When Things Were Cool. UPDATE: And Dillon pointed out that Hudson Market is open 24 hours, despite what Google says.

UPDATE 12/25: “The guy at the Morgan’s counter the other night said they hoped to be going back to 24 hour service in March,” says Max. “Don’t know why the closure.”



  1. Mon cher market on broadway and worth is 24 hours. so is battery park city gourmet market on North end ave and chambers. Both are your standard deli’s similar to morgans.

  2. Benvenuto on Greenwich Street is 24 hours

  3. We can all wait for them to open at 5am. It’s not so terrible. Morgan’s Market has great fresh vegetables. I always find some home staples in their aisles that I don’t find in other places in the neighborhood. They are conveniently located for many of us. Their coffee is reasonably priced and is good.

  4. Hudson Market (Jin’s Market) is open 24 hours

  5. The guy at the Morgan’s counter the other night said they hoped to be going back to 24 hour service in March. Don’t know why the closure.

    • At Morgan’s, they told us that the closure had to do with the minimum wage increase going into effect January 1st. I’ve always loved Morgan’s, but closing over having to pay your employees $1 more an hour seems shady.

      • Except, it’s not $1. If Morgan’s has 11 or more employees in total (my guess) then it’s $2/hour (otherwise $1.50/hour). So for the 5 hour shift, it’s $10 x # of employees, let’s say 4, or $40 extra in labor costs. If their business in the wee hours is anything like it was 20+ years ago when I’d stand at the window twice a night while waiting for my child’s bottle to warm up, $40 is a lot more than the total profit they could possibly earn overnight except for perhaps Friday and Saturday nights. I’d much rather they close overnight than permanently.

  6. That is really “pinching pennies”!
    And I was told the owner of Morgan’s owns the building and other stores too.
    They’re going to have to pull in – then put back- all those flowers (that’s a LOT) and all the fireplace wood.
    The owner will save paying people for 5 hours?
    This is just depressing!

  7. They own the building, so put away the violins. I will also never forget how they price-gouged on Sept 12, 2001. We have not patronize Morgans since.There are plenty of place in the neighborhood open 24 hours a day. I’m sure you will all survive this.