Seen & Heard: No Sign of Life at Trader Joe’s

••• Still no activity at the Trader Joe’s coming to Sixth and Spring. It was announced at the end of March 2017.

••• Last call for the Best of New Tribeca 2017 survey; voting ends today at 5 p.m.

••• “Tribeca Calypso was the bellwether,” notes J., forwarding an email about how Calypso St. Barth’s remaining 16 stores are closing.

••• Club Pilates is shooting to open around January 20.

••• G. commented with a noteworthy piece of advice re: coins. “If you ask your bank for a coin bag, they will accept unrolled coins and send them out to be counted and then credit your account. It beats rolling and they also don’t take a cut like Coinstar or other counting machines.” I wouldn’t be surprised if not all banks do this.

••• The Downtown Alliance is running a survey about possible improvements to the New York Stock Exchange area. Just so you know going in, the questions are of the leading-the-witness variety.

••• Do you ever wonder why the Department of Transportation allowed this bus stop to be installed right in the middle of the sidewalk?



  1. Here an unrelated question to these bits but why hasn’t the parking meter on Duane St. closest to West Broadway still not function properly? Every time I (and I see several other frustrated folks with same issue) try to use it, it tells me my credit card is invalid. All 5 cards? Then I run to the meter closer to Church and it works without incident? This has been an issue for over a year now?

  2. Potentially notable regarding the bus shelter: I believe there are no crosswalks across either W Broadway or 6th Ave at the southern tip of that island – so DOT might not think of it as a sidewalk per se.

    • A portion of the sidewalk was excavated to install the shelter. By moving it east, they avoided the cobblestone and moved away from the A, C, E tracks and potentially avoided having to deal with rules controlling digging near subways.

  3. Is it possible that Trader Joe’s backed out of the lease? There is rental signage posted and even rental plans in the background of your photo.

    • Those plans have always been there, and in my experience, “for lease” signage often stays up long after a build-out has begun. And Trader Joe’s still lists it among its forthcoming stores.

  4. Hi, I just looked at the Trader Joe’s website and it lists the Soho store opening sometime in 2018.
    Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it happens!