Sazón Has Closed

Sazon, the Puerto Rican restaurant at 105 Reade, has closed with no explanation. The establishment bedeviled neighbors for years, because its patrons used to keep the party going out on the sidewalk. It may yet pop up again elsewhere: “Please be on the lookout for our new location soon!” states the announcement on Facebook. UPDATE: The sign on the door says the restaurant had been open for ten years, which makes the closing less expected; the lease presumably got too expensive to renew. Whether Sazón can find something better in this neighborhood—or whether it wants to—remains unclear.

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  1. Ah so sad. Some local color gone. I loved the energy coming
    from the place. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time.
    Harkens back to a time when one could hear the gospel ladies singing on Thomas Street. Damn