Seen & Heard: Skater Hater

••• Someone forwarded this video to me last week, but I rarely check Instagram messages, and it has gone viral. Be careful out there, people.

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••• The shelves at Whole Foods are still rather bare. (The photos below are from yesterday, but today wasn’t much better. And, as seen in the last photo, a lot of shelves have just one row of merchandise pushed to the front. I can only imagine what the store will look like once people start freaking out about tomorrow’s storm.) I tried emailing a manager to ask if there’s a reason for the understocking, but I received no response. I also whined about it on Twitter; Whole Foods replied that someone would get in touch, and then asked for my name and email—evidently, so it could send me a survey about my customer-service experience.

••• Shirt company Untuckit opened at Brookfield Place at some point. Is the name Untuckit ripe for a limerick, or what?

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is back this week, taking over a bunch of streets in southeast Tribeca.

••• The buttresses around 527 Greenwich (a.k.a. 100 Vandam) are rather impressive—but then they have to be, considering what’s about to happen to the building.



  1. I was at Whole Foods late morning today and the shelves seemed better stocked. But only 4 checker lines open (for people buying more than 10 items) with 2 lines showing they had just closed. I waited 20 mins in line and still had 3 people (with full carts) in front of me.. so I did that THING and just walked out- leaving my cart. I know this is wrong and inconsiderate – but how can the store management not realize with the snow bomb/pocolypse heading this way and the $$ people sending all their nannies to stock up, it’s s bit silly to not have more lines open.
    The conspiracy theorist part of my brain wonders if they do this to make Instacart more appealing for shoppers. (So much pricier..but efficient and no stress)

    • This is why I go to Trader Joe’s on Sunday mornings. Even with the line of people literally going around the store, I never wait more than 10 minutes because they have 30 checkout registers. And I can enjoy free coffee while I wait! Win!

  2. Can we canonize Skater Hater? Sometimes those skaters are such assholes.

    • So of course assault is the answer? That spot has been used by skaters for decades, and the building has tried all sorts of things to prevent them from skating there. Wouldn’t a better option be to put a couple large plants there?

  3. I guess the UNTUCKit brand must be catching on if they’re paying rent at Westfield. But I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s a weird fashion concept. I mean, wearing one’s shirt untucked is perfectly legitimate, and there are shirts that lend themselves better to it than others. But why not just design such shirts and be done with it, instead of declaring it a kind of style credo that you flag for the world? Maybe I’m missing something.

    • They apparently put much research into this vexed question. And they share a fondness for things Vitruvian… :-)

      “When it comes to wearing your shirt untucked, length matters. If the shirt is too long you’ll do yourself any number of fashion disservices, the end result of which is that you’ll almost undoubtedly look sloppy. Why? Well, for two reasons really. First, you kill the shape and style of the other half of your outfit, your pants. And second, because you change the visible proportions of your body…butchering the ‘divine proportions’ made famous by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. So what is the optimal length? Well we here at UNTUCKit wanted to answer the same question. So we conducted an extensive survey among women ranging from their early 20s to mid 40s, showing them 10 pictures of a model wearing an untucked shirt falling at different lengths. Women showed an overwhelming preference for shirts that ‘fell’ in the middle of the zipper that exposed some of the pant pockets, which is what we’ve coined as the ‘zone of acceptable length’.”

      • Ha! Well, as a short guy who must depend on his wife to tell him, when he dresses himself, that he doesn’t look like he’s with the Fire Sale Circus, I guess I feel the concern.

  4. That woman is lucky the skater wasn’t injured. She would be arrested for assault. What a miserable spoiled brat with her rat dog….

  5. I was in Whole Foods on Tuesday – no eggs – tape crisscrossed across that section had an apology and a due date written on it. On Wednesday, almost no frozen 365 brand vegetables, a void that continued across multiple freezer cases. Absurd.

    • I was in Chelsea Wednesday early evening so decided to stock up at the Chelsea Whole Foods there before the storm and before coming home to tribeca. The shelves there were stocked and there were plenty of eggs and even quite a few varieties to choose from. Weird. Is it the Mgmt at WF tribeca – OR is it just delivering below Canal St?

  6. On Tuesday I went into Whole Foods just for a dozen eggs. There was not I egg in the store. Instead there were giant signs saying “Sorry for the inconvenience. Eggs will be delivered tomorrow.” A cashier told me that none of the Whole Foods had eggs. Seems like Amazon purchased the franchise just to ruin it. Delivery or die.

  7. Before they opened the new hamburger take out station they had an express register for 5 or fewer unweighted items..that was eliminated…I asked a previous Manager to put in an express line and he said no, he could not. Yes, Trader Joes, with a tighter profit margin than WF, always has quick moving lines because they employ sufficient people. WF, especially in the morning, has long lines and few registers. THEY HAVE NO COMPETITION IN THE AREA AND THUS DON’T CARE. They will only improve if more of us use Fresh Direct and Peapod. Mr. Sinatra reads these posts..Sir, you have no idea at the level of dissatisfaction in the community, and I think you know how much we want a Trader Joes, an Aldi, or someone so we can say goodbye to WF. At first WF was a godsend in 2008 when you opened – all that good will is gone. You have a gold mine, but no competition. Why dont you provide surveys in store for our comments…I think you would be shocked. Comments, sir?

  8. What a horrible thing to write Cami. I cannot believe you
    may be my neighbor. I certainly do not want to know you. Skaters are so wonderful to watch. The culture is youthful and inclusive. So what if they are a little noisy. Damn they are having fun and it is fun to watch. I wish more young ladies were out there too. Skate on! Cami-buzz off!

    • Irrelevant that the skaters are “noisy” or “inclusive.” They are not charming. They pose a physical danger to anyone in their path. Let them take risks with their own bones and their own lives but not in the path of others on pedestrian sidewalks. While it is not legally or morally defensible to answer their assault (and I would argue that it is indeed assault) with another assault, it appears from the video that the woman tried to advise the kid that she had warned him before about his conduct. Isn’t there an ordinance, something in the NYC Admin Code prohibiting cycling on sidewalk by anyone 12 and over? Skateboards pose potentially far greater danger to pedestrians than a bike over which one has greater control.

  9. Whole foods – amazon is the worst thing happening to retail. The stores will have no inventory b/s that is the amazon business model. Stop shopping amazon if you care about local shops and retail.

  10. Just opened the package of Brie I bought at Whole Foods – the smell of mold was immediate and spots everywhere.

    When I was in the store yesterday, I bought a different cheese because there was a big 20% off sign – but no discount at checkout. Customer Service called the cheese department and informed me that the sale ended two days earlier and said I should have looked at the date (!)

    Maybe Amazon should stick to online shopping.

    • This happens ALL THE TIME..they leave sale stickers under products AFTER sale ends, and they put them under products not on sale: you buy an item thinking its on sale when it is not. PLUS they now ask if you want receipts – if you say no you will never know the overcharge: ALWAYS GET RECEIPT AND CHECK ITEMS. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt – care is woefully lacking.