Reade Street Prep Is Opening a Second Preschool Campus

Naming your business after a street can prove challenging, at least if you ever want to move. Reade Street Prep‘s Ilysa Winick, however, seems to have no trouble finding new space on Reade. Founded in 2010 as FasTracKids/Enopi at 104 Reade, the school rebranded as Reade Street Prep and, in 2013, opened a main campus at 77 Reade. Now it’s taking over the former Gotham Bikes space at 101 Reade. “Its going to be a second preschool campus, also offering the same academic tutoring program we run now,” says Winick. At this time, 104 Reade’s future in the RSP universe is unclear.



  1. Is this still happening?

  2. That would be fine for some businesses, but for a preschool? My neighbor also told me that most of their leadership left.